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‘Prevention is better than cure’ is the ultimatum we always aim at. But we must realize now that ‘Prevention is the best cure’. Everybody who has worked with cancer as a clinician, been a caregiver or experienced it first hand, second this thought.

The causes of carcinogenesis (meaning: initiation of cancer formation) could be many (Long Term exposure to carcinogens, Food, Environment, Genetic to name a few).  A multi-dimensional, holistic approach is required to prevent it. One such holistic approach is yoga. It is an ancient art, a science and a philosophy. It touches all aspects of human life be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Yoga For Cancer: The Breath

Yogic practice rejuvenates our body. It harmonizes metabolism. It oxygenates your cells. An oxygen rich environment enables cancer cell death.  An oxygen deficient environment is friendlier for cancer cell growth. So, the key is to breathe, nice and deep!

Breath is the symbol of life. Deeper the breath, greater the victory of life over threatening irritants.

Focus On The Breath.

Cancer cells are formed every day in our body and these cells are recognized and tackled by the body’s immune system. We all know that a good life style influences our immune system. You should also know that your thoughts, emotions and spirituality have a tremendous impact on your immunity and health.

Yoga For Cancer: The Power Of Thoughts

The Thought

Yogic philosophy explains that the suffering and afflictions be it in any form, a disease or a downfall, are because of ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and fear of death. These are the negative approaches in life that take us away from deriving meaning from life and achieve peace of mind. Recognizing these emotions & feelings and getting rid of them is the key. Yoga, by its philosophy and science enables you to reform your thoughts and intentions. It calms your mind, improves awareness of the mind & body and improves your ability to focus.  It trains and orients your mind towards positivity.

Your thoughts shape how you experience life events.

Yoga For Cancer: Physical Care

Physical wellbeing is also equally important aspect of health. Yoga practices like Pranayama and asanas make your body supple. The practices rejuvenate your organs and keep them efficient. The circulation improves and the muscles and joints will be maintained at optimum health. Yoga practice is very effective in managing major risk factors of cancer like Diabetes and Obesity.

Your body is the only place you have to live.

Yogic Practice

Preventing chronic and critical illnesses is all about achieving a persistent state of wellness. It’s not just about prevention of diseases but enhancing one’s health. Yoga is an integration of Mind, Body, Spirit enabled by a friendlier environment.  Yoga is one method that you must make an inseparable part of your life.

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