Watch Dr. Urvashi Miglani (Gynaecologist) talking about Gynaecological cancer awareness in women. She says women are afraid of the gynaecological cancer and this fear is natural and should be there. But the fear should not lead to carelessness. She says if we know what are the basic cause of occurrence of such cancers and get ourselves aware about how to fight with cancer, it would help to reduce the fear. Now the question is how to get awareness or how to know about the cancer?

Symptoms of Uterus cancer

The first and foremost important thing is to know the changes occurring in your body. If you see any new changes like Early menopause, Foul smell from Vagina, Long gap in between the periods, abnormal pain in lower abdomen, Dr Urvashi suggests you to visit your gynaec and get the doubts cleared.

Test for Uterus Cancer

Sometimes cancer does not show any symptoms at all. But the cancerous cells already starts growing. To avoid such situation, it is advised to perform PAP Smear test from time to time. (Read more about PAP Smear test). Along with the PAP test, it is also advised to perform HPV Test.( Read more about HPV Test)

Treatment available

If you cancer has already occured in such case, she suggests to go for Surgery if you qualify health wise to do. The uterus cancer surgery is available in almost all the government hospitals at very low rate comparing to the private hospitals. If the cancerous cells have spread to the regions near to the uterus, She says to go for Chemotherapy.

Key takeaways

Women should not shy from taking care of her health. She should not wait for the symptoms and perform the PAP Test and HPV Test from time to time. As like every doctors, Dr Urvashi also suggests to get HPV Vaccination at proper age to avoid cancer in future.

Watch the video to learn more about the treatment.

Pearls on Women Health and Awareness

Women Health and Gynaecological Cancer Awareness
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