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The founder of the Biochemic system of medicine is Doctor Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. In this system all the diseases are treated with 12 remedies. It is found out by chemical analysis that the tissues of the human body are composed of twelve major salts. Doctor Schuessler believes that disease is caused by the deficiency of one or more of these salts in human body system and by supplying this deficiency the disease can be cured. Doctor Schuessler’s own experiments and observations along with those of his followers have proved the truth of this theory beyond doubt. These medicines are also called Homeopathic medicines but their application is not according to the principle of similia but according to fulfilling the pathological deficiency in the tissues.

Biochemic medicine doses

The tissue remedies are used is such minute doses that they can not have any harmful effects even if the selection is not correct. According to severity of the disease, the medicine is used in different potencies such as 3x or 6x for acute diseases,12x, 30x or c, 200x or c for chronic diseases.  For general use 6x is suitable. The general recommendation of dosages is half to one grain for a baby, one or two grains for children and three to four grains for adults.There is no need to be very accurate in weighing the dose. Now a days the readymade pallets of grains are supplied by the pharmacies.

Doctors recommend to administer the dose with medicine dissolved in spoonful of hot water on empty stomach as a rule but for multiple doses the rule may be disregarded. Two or more tissue remedies can be mixed together and administered. These remedies can be used externally on wounds & burns and scalds, or on inflammation of any part of the body. Ointments can be made with one part of medicine powder with 2 parts of Vaseline or butter.

The 12 tissue remedies are the following :

 1. Calcarea Phos 2. Calcarea fluor 3. Calcarea Sulph 4. Ferrum Phos.
 5. Kali Phos 6. Kali Mur 7. Kali Sulph 8. Magnesia Phos
 9. Natrum Phos 10. Natrum Mur 11. Natrum Sulph 12.  Silicea

For Tumours(Benign or Malignant)

As per the indications Doctors recommend the following remedies :

  1. Ferrum Phos – For inflammatory conditions ; pain in cancer alternate with the chief medicine.
  2. Kali Mur – Recent cases of cancer of the breast. Use 3x. Uterine fibroid(along with Calcaria Fluor.)
  3. Kali Sulph – Epithelial cancer; cancer of the skin with thin yellow discharge.
  4. Calcaria Phos – cancer in scrofulous constitutions. Acute or chronic cysts. Goitre, Bursae. Housemaid’s Knee.
  5. Calcaria Fluor – Blood Tumours on the heads of newborn infants. Uterine fibroid. Knots, hardened glands in breast, tumours of eyelids; enlarged meibomian glands. Hard swellings on any part. Swelling of jawbone, which is hard. Gangalion. Hard swellings in the fasciae, capsular ligaments or on tendons. Bony perosteal infiltration.
  6. Natrum Mur. – Soft watery swelling under the tongue.
  7. Silicea – Chronic enlargement of lymphatic glands. Uterine Cancer. When there is tendency to suppurate (pus formation)

This is just a brief introduction to the Biochemic remedies and Treatment.  Always refer to the available authentic literature and sites on internet or refer to a homeopath.

Additional References

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  2. Cell Salt Potency: https://schuessler-cell-salts.com/potency/index.htm

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The information presented here is a broad guideline for educative purpose. One can consult Experts for solutions / remedies to specific health problems.

What is Biochemic System of Medicine
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