Mr. Subhash Golvalkar, is a hard-working contractor in mid to late thirties, in a small temple village, and a tourist destination of Ganapati Pule, in Maharashtra.  Last two years were difficult; mentally stressful for him and his family.

2 years ago, Mr. Golvalkar, found a strange, irritable, patch on his tongue that won’t go away.  His initial consultations with the doctors in the village led him to visit Walavalkar Hospital in Dervan, Chiplun.  

Although the initial biopsy came out negative, the doctors were convinced about the tongue cancer diagnosis. The second biopsy confirmed his fears. The doctors recommended surgery of the tongue. They also said post-surgery Mr. Golvalkar may not be able to speak clearly.  Within a week, the surgery was done.  Mr. Golvalkar was recommended radiation. No chemotherapy was needed. 

In the meantime, Mr. Golvalkar came to know of the Ayurvedic Cancer Research Center @ Wagholi, near Pune.  This center provides supportive treatment that helps the body sustain and overcome the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy. He would go and stay there for a few days and get the medicines and return to Ganapati Pule.  He did these periodic trips to Wagholi over the next 1 and half years.   He had opted to not get radiation therapy but go for supportive method.

Mr. Golvalkar is cured today. He did not need chemotherapy. He did not need radiation. His speech is very clear.  Over my telephonic conversation with him, there were no telltale signs of any speech impairment. 

Some of the things that I think worked in favor of Mr. Golvalkar

    1. Timely medical intervention that Mr. Golvalkar ensured by seeking expert medical opinion promptly.

    2. The combination of surgery (urgent immediate treatment) and the supportive methods that have helped his overall health condition.

    3. His diligence in pursuing the integrated supportive treatment over a longer term (one & half years).

Team Anvay wholeheartedly thanks Mr. Golvalkar for sharing the story of his cancer journey. We wish him the best of health. 

Mr. Golvalkar’s story is based on a telephonic conversation in July 2017.

The incidence of tongue cancer in India (averaged across geography, gender, and age) is 5.19 per 100,000 population.  For Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad region in Maharashtra relative proportion ranges between 4 and 6.  

Reference Reading on Tongue Cancer

If you have healthcare experiences from Walavalkar Hospital OR Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center, please add them as comments.  Anvay has listed the names of the places of treatment for factual correctness of the survivor. Anvay does not endorse or recommend any of these hospitals.

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Tongue Cancer Survivor Story
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