This is the story of Mr. Mahendranath, a businessman from Bangalore. In 2004 he was the first in the family who diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. So it was quite difficult to get and gather information as to whom and how to approach it (Read about types of oncologists). It was quite surprising for all family members when they got to know about his cancer diagnosis as he always would have home cooked food (being a pure vegetarian) and a non-alcoholic (not even a social drinker).

Early symptoms

The symptoms started with gastric issues. The general physician prescribed him some tablets to treat the same. He used them for a few months with not much of improvement. He continued them as they were not aggravating the issue. An initial blood test implied him to be diabetic for which he started taking prescribed tablets. He was a very active and fit man before, but now he started getting tired for simple activities coupled with some amount weight loss (unexplained).

Stomach Cancer
Stomach Cancer

Detection and Operation

Because of these symptoms, Doctor prescribed a blood test which showed low Haemoglobin count and some changes in critical parameters post which an endoscopy was prescribed. In the result of endoscopy, an ulcer was detected in his stomach and after biopsy it was confirmed that it was carcinogenic. After some discussions with family and friends they approached Dr. Srinath. Dr. Srinath after viewing the scans, suggested for an operation and then referred to Dr. Shekar Patil who then suggested chemotherapy.

The ulcer was operated and removed at Shankara Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Bangalore and post which he underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy.

Leading a healthy life

Post all this he recovered and got back to his normal self and 14 years since has been leading a normal and healthy life. Once a year he goes back to the doctor for annual check-up and keeps himself fit and busy. He never misses his morning walks where he covers between 8-10 kms everyday along with some basic exercises.


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Stomach Cancer Survivor Story of a Businessman
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