In this video, Dr. Shruti Vaidya, an Ayurveda Practitioner with 20+ years of experience of working with chronic and critical patients, presents a perspective from Ayurveda to stay fit and avoid lifestyle diseases.

Hello, I am Dr Shruti Vaidya, an ayurvedic graduate that is BAMS(Bachelor of ayurvedic medicines) and I am practising since last 21 years. And I am also into making of traditional ayurvedic medicines. So, today we are going to look into the perspective of Ayurveda, as how and what ayurveda says regarding keeping fit as well as keeping ourselves away from lifestyle diseases. Specially today we see that there are a lot of lifestyle diseases which are coming up ranging from Hyper/Hypo-thyroidism to cancers. So, all these include diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid problems, obesity and joint disorders as well as cancer even autoimmune diseases.

Concept of Ayurveda

So let us now first see the basic concept of what ayurveda says there should be an equilibrium between the balance in the body and the imbalance in the body. All the small and big things is going to cause different types of diseases. So when we see a picture which depicts a tripod. These are the three doshas in the body. They control all the metabolisms, all the give and take of the body and actions of the body. They are namely

  • Vata
  • Pitta
  • Kapha.

If they are in equilibrium then the body stays fit and healthy. And if they get disturbed, then they start creating problem. So let’s see what are the things which create imbalances in the three doshas. There is lack of exercise, people hardly exercise today. Generally when we go out of our house we take a cab or car. So there is a lack of physical activity in day to day life.Then there is improper sleep habit, many times we see that people sleep late at night because of whatever reason, it could be either job schedules, studies or using of mobile devices. They have to get up early in the morning because of their daily life routines. Generally according to a doshas vata, pitta and kapha Constitution in every person. Each person needs to sleep for around say six to seven hours some people might need seven to eight hours and some may need to sleep eight to ten hours. Depending upon what type of Constitution we are into just by you know analyzing, when we sleep for seven hours whether we feel energetic in the morning or we feel lazy and anxious to get up and go to the office. We can understand where we fall into and accordingly we can adjust our sleep patterns. Then, nowadays there’s a lot of late night plans which is not very good. Because when you are awake during the night time, there is a disturbance in the metabolism, there is an imbalance in doshas and as a result people tend to get headaches, heaviness in the morning, acidity problems etc. Then, there is stress, gossiping which related indirectly. Because when you are into gossiping or stress, you tend to get a lot of mental negativity. Because of this negativity your body does not get the positive attitude. Instead of repairing the wear and tear the body gets more wear and tear because of such negativity. So the stress also can be related to your job, your in-laws, your mother, father anybody or even your friends. So these are what we call as different actions which are happening in your day-to-day life. And if you can assess that these are the problems or these are the things which are happening in my life regarding our actions then we can see later on what we can do so that we can avoid these.

AAHAR(Diet) for healthy lifestyle

Now we come to AAHAR. AAHAR mean whatever we take, whatever type of meal each and every day, right in the morning drinking water to sleeping feel better. So generally we see that there is lack of regular meals. What happens nowadays is because of lots of hurriedness people just run out of the house without having any breakfast. In the morning as soon as you get up you may not feel hungry but after exercise when you’re hungry, food which could be consisting of it could be chapati or Idli or whatever is the staple diet which you are a habitual to right from the childhood. Secondly, eating junk food is another cause of drinking too much or too little water.

When to drink water

Nowadays some people just drink water because it is said to drink 4-5 litres of water everyday. But it is not so, according to ayurveda when you have Constitution which consists of vata, pitta and kapha there can be people who will need less water and maybe only one and a half or two litres would be sufficient for them. If because of occupation you are in a place where you’re working in heat or you’re in the Sun or you’re working outside. You may be thirsty more often and if you’re sitting in an AC compartment in an office then you may not feel so thirsty. So basically drinking water is about the body which is going to tell you whether you are thirsty or not and whether you should be drinking water or not. In summers you may need more water and in winter you may not need more water.

Avoid unhealthy food is necessary

Now next is too spicy and oily food. Of Course, when you constantly eat outside food like vada pav, pav bhaji, Kachori etc on an often once or twice a week then it is going to cause some problems. It could be even spicy food like veg/non veg curries can cause some problems. So let’s understand that when we have regular meals with freshly cooked homemade foods we tend to have a healthy lifestyle. But if we  disturb our eating and drinking habits our lifestyles start to getting unhealthy from time to time. Sometimes it may not affect our body immediately to a larger extent but when we keep on doing all these things per say a couple of years, three years, four years or five years. Then we tend to get the result in the next five years or ten years. So, I would say at the age of 50 or 60 then we need to rectify our lifestyle. So that is why these diseases like thyroid, diabetes, hepatitis, cardiac problems etc are called lifestyle diseases. So let us see what we can do. Eat when you feel hungry, understand your body, if you are not hungry then do not eat unnecessarily. You can eat lite in between the meals. It is suggested that to keep the regular eating timing. As your body fits into the body clock. There are problems which we get into when you do not eat in regular times. Another is to drink enough water to quench our thirst. Then we should always have healthy freshly cooked food because that is the way we should always be. Not that we are cooking one day before and keeping it in the refrigerator and then using it the next day or a couple of days later. It is not a good idea. Prepare enough quantity which can be consumed so that we do not waste.

Sound Sleep is important

We have to sleep adequate amount of time. Because this is the time the body gets a lot of time to repair itself and keep the body muscles and all the other organs at tranquility. So let us see that we sleep at least six hours or 7 hours depending on a constitution. If the sound sleep is not sound then you should see that you take some medical advice so that you can rectify your problems.

How to overcome the stress

Then another thing is for people who are stressed. Like you know everybody has stress even a child of first standard will be stressed by the parents or teacher for better marks or for good handwriting. So let us all meditate, pray, read some good positive books, socialize and spend some time with some positive thinking people and groups, Who can enhance positivity to be better.

Exercise according to your body need

Again there is proper and regular exercise regime should be there for each and every one of us. Because sometimes it might be like if my friend is going to some gym then I should also join the gym.That is not there, the Constitution of each and every person regime. And the person is different in different ages, we are different at the age of 45. I cannot say that ok let me do what I was doing when I was 30. I have to see that what is my age, my strength and my weight says and then accordingly I should be doing the exercise. So exercise will be like brisk walking for people who are around 40. And who are below 30 they can be jogging, they could be cycling, or regular Yoga as a part of meditation and stretch. So assess yourself by analyzing yourself. Analyzing you cannot take up so much of stress or take up so much of exercise then please reduce the exercise. Just don’t go to the gym and exercise because instructor has told you to do so. Don’t do yogasana which are not good for you specially some forward bending exercises are not good for people who are having spine problems and who are having some cardiac problems or having some sciatica. So see that whatever exercises it is regulated which suits you, then go ahead and do it. So this is just gest about what ayurveda feel about the whole life science. Because Ayurveda is a science which has a holistic approach, it is ayushveda, that is, knowledge of the life. But here we just discussed about the emotional and physical health of each and every person. So these are the small small things which we can do in order to avoid the lifestyle diseases which nowadays be combating an every other second person is hypertensive person. And this challenge can come to us if we are in the 40s and 50s so let us make ourselves knowledgeable and go ahead and try to avoid these problems. Help others to avoid these problems. When we talk about cancers we see nowadays when somebody says that you are diagnosed with cancer the person gets scared that this is the end of his life. Let’s talk about this later. At the moment first let us understand what is health, how it gets imbalanced, how we land up into these problems which come up only after 5 or 10 years. Nobody will have the diabetes suddenly. We do not tend to give any attention to ourselves for examples if you are urinating more many times at night then it is a good chance you are getting fatigued or you’re sweating too much then you need to see that you go and check your blood pressure. Of course all these parameters are not to scare you but to make you more aware of the body conditions within and to understand and rectify and go ahead. So this is just a summary and in brief what we should do is, we should first listen to our body when should we eat, when should we drink water, how much should we sleep and we should exercise regularly and we should have good thoughts for others. Think positively and I think that should help us get right and good quality of life because the quality of our lives is in our hands.

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