Hi! my name is Vidya Kamath, I am a housewife. I am a Mother of two adorable daughters. I am here to tell you about my breast cancer survivor story and how you can learn lessons from cancer to live your life a little less painful.


Life was going on smoothly until I realised a lump in my breast in 2011. My elder daughter was in class 10th that year so ignored the lump as it was a crucial year for her. But the lump kept growing in size and I had to see the doctor.  It turned out to be carcinoma  and immediate surgery was advised. No time to think or take second opinion as I was detected with beginning of third stage breast cancer and the nodes were also affected.


Surgery was scheduled next day. Thereafter 6 cycles of chemotherapy at an interval of 21 days followed by radiation. Chemotherapy is a treatment which literally makes u feel dead even before you actually are. Its like someone’s putting a pipe inside you and sucking out all the energy. First cycle was very bad , a lot of complications like constipation, vomiting, loss of appetite etc.  Having food was like eating mud. The minute food was brought I would have tears in my eyes.

Being Strong is necessary

The strong me never gave up and fought the battle bravely and with a strong will power. After two cycles I knew exactly how to handle myself as only few days are really bad ones during the cycle. So I made up my mind to fight it  smiling as my kids were getting affected. Seeing yourself bald and lifeless is not an easy task but I had my mom and children supporting me as rocks. The 10 months of treatment were done and now was the time for return gifts, diabetes, blood pressure, bone deterioration, toxins and insomnia, were the major ones besides little bit of depression.

Life lessons I learned from Cancer

Cancer changed my life completely. But taught me lot of thing as too. Life is precious live it and love it. Don’t take it for granted and push things to tomorrow. Be selfish and do things for yourself.  Do things which make you happy. Life is not only about sacrificing and doing things for family it is also about doing things for your happiness. Now I support people who are undergoing this and my experiences have helped me to tell them to fight this battle in a better way.

How do I reduce stress?

I conduct workshops in terracotta jewellery as its a great stress buster and I have become a workaholic as I feel time is ticking and there is so much to do and achieve. I do lot of charity also and i am always there for people who need me. My only advice to people detected with cancer is to be brave and kick cancer in its butt!  No other option works. You have to fight it so fight it bravely and with a strong will power and mind.  Never ask the question: “Why me ?”, because then who would you wish this upon. Have faith in god and consider it as he thinks you are his bravest soldier so has given you the battle to fight. You change for the better. Love and respect life more. 

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