Ovarian Cancer is not a silent killer. It shows symptoms, which we have already discussed in our blog Know about ovarian Cancer. Symptoms like abdominal pain, pressure in pelvic area, bloating etc indicates you to visit your doctor. Doctor will diagnose you if you have ovarian cancer or not. If you are diagnosed with cancer, he will be able to start the treatment as early as possible. There are various methods to diagnose ovarian cancer some of them are:

Pelvic Exam

In pelvic examination, your doctor inserts gloved finger into your vagina and with the other hand presses the pelvic from upside to feel the organs. Doctor will visually examine your vaginal and external region to diagnose.

Screening Test

Screening test help to diagnose the cancer in very early stage. It can diagnose the cancer even before your doctor would able to diagnose. Which is a good thing because early detected cancer can be treated early. Some of the screening tests are:

Transvaginal Ultrasound:

This method use sound wave to detect the cancer. It detects extra mass in the ovary by putting an ultrasound wand into the vagina. However, It can not detect if the extra mass is cancerous or non cancerous cells.

The CA 125 Blood test

Many women with ovarian cancer have high CA 125 in their blood. CA 125 is a type of protein which can be found in blood. CA 125 protein test in blood detection can help to initiate the treatment as early as possible. If the treatment works it can lower the level of protein CA 125 in blood.

Imaging Test

Test such as ultrasound and CT Scan of lower abdominal area can help to detect Ovarian Cancer. Ultrasound and CT scan helps to find the size, shape and structure of ovary.

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