This blog talks about how you can make a to-do list to prepare yourself for the surgery day. It is an important day for the patients who have to undergo surgery and will eventually be overwhelmed with emotions. Patients will face fear, stress, anxiety etc and in order, to overcome such a crisis here is a to-do list.

1. Keep Calm

It is quite understandable that the word surgery itself brings a crisis in our head, likewise going for a surgery escalates the urge to keep ourselves in place. But keeping our mind in place is important on the day of surgery.

2. Follow pre-surgery directions

Unless you’re having only local anesthesia, you may be told not to eat or drink anything after midnight before your procedure. This is because of the rare risk of food or liquid in your stomach getting into your lungs while you’re under sedation or general anesthesia.

3. Diet

Keep your diet as instructed by your doctor. There are times when your doctor can instruct you to have regular liquid intake and regular medications. Whereas, in a few cases, they instruct to have less water content.

4. Don’t come alone for the surgery

You won’t be allowed to drive after outpatient surgery, or even after a few days in the hospital if you’re taking pain medication. Plan to have someone take you home. Also, having someone by your side will help you get past the surgery with ease, they can give you emotional support.

5. Wear light-fitted clothes

It is advised to wear clean, light fitted clothes before surgery as your body might get swollen or get sore after surgery. You can also have heavy bandages post-surgery. Leave jewelry and valuables at home.

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Prepare Yourself for the Surgery day
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