This is a journey of Mr. Aditya Singh’s father, aged 52, a patient of stage 3 Rectal Cancer. This Patient’s journey to the rectal cancer started with the piles, full of pain and suffering. As a patient he tried to explain how to seek help from doctors, let’s read his journey so far of Rectal Cancer .


Diagnosed as piles, Mr. Aditya Singh’s father, located in Delhi, spent almost 3 months in pain and agony trying out medication and home remedies for piles, without any change in condition.  Eventually his doctor recommended an Endoscopy.  The results of the endoscopy seemed inconclusive. In the meantime, Aditya, sought a second opinion from another doctor who asked them to go for a “Deep endoscopy” and also a biopsy.  This test confirmed third stage rectal cancer.

Current Situation

Currently Mr. Singh (Senior) is in a state of recuperation post  5-6 cycles of radiation and chemotherapy at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Delhi.  By mid-Feb the doctors will assess the status of cancer and place recommendations on surgery.  Aditya has been prudent in seeking opinions across different doctors from multiple institutes across Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.  Most of the doctors have agreed to the line of treatment currently undertaken at RGCH.   However, Aditya narrated an incident where a doctor from Meerut, suggested a permanent colostomy* as an immediate intervention.  Thankfully they did not rush into the decision. It is advisable to take multiple opinions from good doctors before  making a choice of the line of treatment.

( *Permanent colostomy is a surgical procedure which allows the solid waste and gas exit the body without passing through the rectum. The waste is collected in a pouch worn on the outside of your body.)

Mr. Aditya Singh has also sought treatment from Yeshi Dhonden’s clinic @ Mcleodganj.  However the family has stopped this treatment based on certain medical advice from allopathy doctors.

On behalf of Aditya, we seek advice from doctors and survivors on insights and alternative care providers who can help the case of Mr. Singh (senior) , Aditya’s father.

Please share insights and experiences.

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Patient Journey: Piles to Rectal Cancer
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