Many of us always search about the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer but instead why not think about how to keep your cervix healthy? There are many ways you can keep your cervix healthy. Read a few of the listed tips of how to keep your cervix healthy.

Eat Vitamins that are good for Cervix

Winter squash.

Squash is abundant in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that becomes vitamin A in the body; it makes the immune system strong and may lower the risk of cancer.

Pink grapefruit.

The key compound for cervical health here is lycopene. It has often been used as a treatment option for people who have had an HPV infection supplement form.


The B vitamin known as folate is commonly prescribed to women to ensure the health of their reproductive system during childbearing age.

Bell peppers

contains vitamin C and it is great at maintaining a healthy immune system, which can be key to preventing HPV infections


Like vitamin C, vitamin E also has antioxidant properties as they keep the body strong and healthy. Spinach is an all-around great choice for women, as it’s got many of these nutrients, plus others as well.

Note: Keep your Cervix healthy by getting the vaccination at the right time and at the right age.

Eat food that are good for Cervix

Get your Vaccinations On Time!

If you are an adult and need not think of your vaccinations done but your children are at the right ages, consider taking them for the vaccination. But the important thing to know is that even if you have missed your vaccines as a child, you can still get the vaccine up to age 26.

  • Girls at age 11 or 12 (though the first dose can be given as young as 9),
  • Females aged 13-26 who have not previously been vaccinated and have not previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  • Bisexual and other men who have sex with men; transgender people; and immunocompromised persons (including those with HIV infection) who haven’t been adequately vaccinated previously, through age 26.

There are many more practices which need to be followed in order to keep your cervix healthy. These are as follows: Read more about it

  1. Use Condoms if you are sexually active
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Follow up on abnormal Pap smears 
  4. Have sound sleep every Night
  5. Cope up with stress
  6. Do Yoga Regularly
Have a sound sleep of 6-8 Hours every night

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