Methods to Detect Breast Cancer and Treatment Options

In this video Dr. Jayanti Thumsi, a breast onco-surgeon with nearly two decades of experience, talks about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. She shares the steps women can take to detect breast cancer early.


a. Ultrasound

An ultrasound of the breast is a relatively inexpensive and safe test. It It uses sound waves to create pictures of the internal structures of the breast. There is NO radiation. It helps the doctor to detect breast lumps and other abnormalities. Some times, doctors can perform ultrasound guided biopsies to get an accurate sample for the biopsy. The only limitation is that micro-calcifications, which could potentially indicate breast cancer, could be missed in the ultrasound. To avoid this miss, Mammograms are recommended for Women over 40.

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b. Mammogram

Mammogram is an X-RAY of the breast. The image is captured by placing the breast between two horizontal plates. There is exposure to radiation but in very small quantities. See the above video to understand more on how the mammogram is done. Here is a link to an article from FDA clearing the myths associated with mammograms.

The disadvantage of mammograms is that it may not give effective detection for women with dense breasts.

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Mammograms are not advised for women under 40 years of age.

Treatment Methods

a. Surgery

Breast surgery is typically the first step. It involves the removal of the lump. The complexity of the surgery and degree of breast removal depends on the size of the lump. Doctors always focus on breast conservation. Doctors may advise complete breast removal if the disease has spread to wider areas of the breast. It is advisable to discuss the surgery options with the breast surgeon in detail and get a complete understanding of the procedure, why it is required and the risks associated with it. There is an option of breast reconstruction as well. Again it should be discussed with the doctor.

b. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may be advised post- surgery depending on the staging of the disease. Mostly it is a step to ensure that if there are cancer cells remaining post surgery, they will be killed by Chemo. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet and naturopathy methods to reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy and maintain good immunity and metabolism.

Radiation and Hormone Therapy are other follow-on treatment methods that may be advised. More on this in follow-on articles.

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How To Detect Breast Cancer
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