This is the video recording of an online event conducted by ANVAY WELLNESS on How Physiotherapy can help cancer patients. We had Dr Anjanaa Subramanian(Physiotherapist), with almost a decade of experience. She will talk about How a cancer patient can seek help of physiotherapist to get back his life to normalcy.

In the video you will find about:

1. How physiotherapy can help cancer patients

It is a way to get back to normalcy as quickly as possible. In simple terms it adds quality to your life. In terms of cancer patient, post diagnosis or may be after or before the surgery the normalcy of the people gets disrupted. So the role of the physiotherapist should be to identify and help the patient to get back to normal life. In the journey of fight against cancer the patient takes a lot of medicines but the role of physiotherapy here is to help the patient in the non pharmacological way.

2. How can physiotherapy helps post mastectomy?

After the removal of lymph nodes, the amount of lymph that needs to be circulated is restricted. So there is blockage in the pipe due to which all the lymphs are accumulated at a place. Because of this, there is swelling near the breast. Physiotherapy can helps to maximise the usage of whatever lymph nodes available.

3. Can someone use physiotherapy before the surgery to reduce the pain that occurs post surgery?

Yes, therapy before surgery is essential

4.Other things you can learn from this Video is

  • Different exercise one can perform pre and post surgery
  • How can physiotherapy helps to recover a patient after Hysterectomy
  • What exercise can one perform to recover from hysterectomy
  • Breathing techniques
  • How to reduce the pain
  • Can physiotherapy help to reduce the stress
  • How to rebuild strength
  • When would people start seeing result of physiotherapy
  • Whether the exercises need any supervision
  • What precaution should one take while taking therapy.

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How can physiotherapy help cancer patients
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