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Fertility is one of the greatest blessings a woman can have in life. Finding out that you can no longer get pregnant can be extremely distressing. Sadly, a woman suffering from cervical cancer may have to face this distressing situation in her life. If you are facing the question: “How does Cervical Cancer affect the fertility of a woman”, read on ..

Affect on Fertility

Ovary is the lower part of a woman’s abdomen which is the area between your hips (the pelvis). The treatment of Cervical cancer may include Radiotherapy to the ovaries which may affect the womb of the woman. It can result in disturbing the function of the ovaries, which may lead to the stoppage of periods, thereby resulting in infertility in women. The risk of infertility may depend on other factors too which are:

  1. The dose of radiation to your ovaries
  2. Your age (the risk is higher the older you are), and 
  3. If you have chemotherapy with radiotherapy.

Female reproductive system

Diagram showing the parts of the female reproductive system

Can I get pregnant after the treatment of Cervical Cancer?

If you don’t want early menopause or stoppage of your periods, it can sometimes be made possible with ovarian transposition. In this method the ovaries are sometimes moved out of the treatment area before the radiotherapy begins. It is usually done by Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery.

If you are planning to have a baby in future after the cancer treatment, you can also go for surrogacy. It is suggested that, you to see a fertility specialist before you start cancer treatment. They may talk to you about the possibility of freezing your eggs, embryos or ovarian tissue. You can possibly use your eggs in the future for having a baby through a surrogate.

Cervical Cancer in Pregnancy

Sometimes there may be a case that cervical cancer is detected when you are pregnant. Most of such cancer cases are observed to be of stage I. Treatment of cancer in such cases might be possible depending upon the various factors which are:

  • Tumor size
  • If nearby lymph node has cancer
  • How far along the pregnancy is
  • The type of cervical cancer

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