A professor of Marketing and HR in JSPM’s Jayawant Institute of Management Studies at Hadapsar, Pune, Mrs. Pradnya Kulkarni, is leading a vibrant and happy life.  She is pursuing M.Phil and hopes to complete her doctorate in the future. She comes across as a dynamic and very action oriented person. The enthusiasm in her voice is infectious and the desire to help fellow women prevent and win over cervical cancer unmistakable. Today she is completely free of cervical cancer. Her doctor has advised her next preventive check after a year.  A major share of credit of her victory over cervical cancer goes to her husband and two kids (now studying engineering) who lent her tremendous support.

Cervical cancer diagnosis

It was in late 2011, when she diagnosed with cervical cancer. Unfortunately, her regular doctor did not suspect cancer and she lived with it for many months. However since her health wasn’t improving, she sought opinion from another doctor on recommendation of her sister-in-law and got conclusive diagnosis. She had third Stage Cervical Cancer.

Not the type who succumb mentally, she immediately went in for surgical treatment at Ruby Hall, followed by 36 cycles of radiation, including 2 Brachytherapy (Internal radiation Therapy) sessions. Her medical oncologist didn’t suggest chemotherapy for her.  

Cervical cancer treatment

Since the last 5 years, she has redefined her lifestyle to one of strict health discipline.  She took ayurvedic treatment in parallel which work with a well-define diet to ensure that the probability of relapse is continuously reduce. Her belief is that the disease can be cure more by the mind.  She recommends fellow women to be very conscious and attentive towards health. Common gynecological troubles could be a sign of cancer and she urges women to not ignore them. 

Mrs. Kulkarni is keen on helping out fellow women prevent cancer and also counsel cancer patients based on her experiences.  She can be reached on Anvay Facebook Community. Link Below


You can also write to support (at) anvay (dot) co to contact her privately.  We can connect you based on her consent.   Anvay thanks her for sharing her experiences and insights.

Mrs. Pradnya Kulkarni’s story is based on a telephonic interview in January 2018.

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How can you beat third stage cervical cancer
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