You might be thinking what is Hodgkin’s disease therefore here is the brief introduction of Hodgkin’s Disease Hodgkin lymphoma (Hodgkin disease) is a type of lymphoma, a cancer that starts in cells called lymphocytes. This is a story of a working woman named Usha Deo, mother of two, now aged 82 years. Mrs. Usha Deo, a very spirited lady had her first tryst with Hodgkin’s disease in 1984 , she was 49 then, read her survivor story.

Detection of Hodgkins Disease OR Hodgkins Lymphoma

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It were the months of March-April, in Mumbai.  Recently she had been observing a feeling of persistent fatigue.  She thought maybe its the heat. She also made focussed on getting the meals on time still she wasn’t feeling right.  A trip to the doctor and further investigations (biopsy and blood tests) revealed that she was suffering from Hodgkin’s disease.  It is a type of Lymphoma ( a cancer of the lymph system; which is a part of the immune system of the body).  The first few signs of which are enlarged lymph nodes.  

In the 80’s a biopsy report would take around 8 – 10 days to come.  Mrs. Deo didn’t waste a single  day and directly visited the Tata Memorial Hospital.   The doctors put her on a regime of chemotherapy and radio therapy for a year.  That year was a tough one.  Expected side effects of chemo, like tremendous weakness, body pain etc. took its toll on her body.  With the support of her family she braved it out.  The doctors also advised her to have a high protein intake. Being a vegetarian, she and her family made sure her diet is rich with nutrients (fruits / veggies / milk and coconut water).

Presumably due to early detection, post the chemo and radiotherapy, she was free from cancer.  She continued a bi-annual follow up for a duration of 5 years.  Its’ been 30+ years now and till date she remains cancer free.  

STATS on Hodgkins Lymphoma reports that in India, 21% of Hodgkins disease was reported in children at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai with a marked  male to female ratio of 5.5:1.  The annual incidence of Hodgkins is reported to be 1/25,000 making it a fairly rare type of cancer. People with Auto-Immune disorders may be at a relatively higher risk.

 Actions to Derive

  1. Early detection is very very important.  DO NOT IGNORE symptoms of ill health, however trivial they may seem. 
  2. Observe and make a note of your health condition and symptoms.  
  3. Prioritize a visit to the doctor and take a medical opinion sooner rather than later. 
  4. Take multiple opinions if in doubt.  Ask all the questions you have in mind to your doctor and care providers. Understanding your health issue, the treatment roadmap, and potential root cause is very important. 
  5. Diet and Nutrition are BUILDING BLOCKS of good health.  Consciously choose what you consume. Consuming right nutrients are important part of recovery from cancer.
  6. With medication, right diet and multiple other lifestyle changes you can be cancer free.  cancer is treatable.  With medication, right diet and multiple other lifestyle changes you can be cancer free. 
  7. DO NOT STRESS.  Source positive energy from people around you.  

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Hodgkin’s disease: Survivor Story of a working woman
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