There are a few things one needs to keep in mind to get ready for your mastectomy. Depending on the type of surgery you are going under will make a difference in no. of days you will stay in the hospital. For instance, if you have your breast removed or have breast reconstruction afterward, hospital staff will recommend you to stay back and rest.

1. Keep a few sets of loosely fitted clothes

On the day of surgery, it is advisable to wear clothes that are light and comfortable for you so that you don’t feel uneasy and catch the infection. There might be some incisions and leaks after surgery, in that case, expensive clothes are not a good option. Do not wear any jewelry or carry any expensive ornaments along with you.

2. keep yourself hydrated

Hydrating your body will help you heal faster and recover better. You can ask your caretakers to keep you reminding of drinking water and juices( recommended by the doctor). They can help you pour water and pour in the jar for you to less move your arms.

3. Carry pillows along with you.

Pillows will help you provide comfort and avoid uneasiness. It will help you relax and get better-undisturbed sleep.

4. Plan your routine ahead.

Plan your calendar keeping in mind the day of your surgery. Book your appointments and reschedule your meetings for avoiding cramming.

5. Carry Things of interest.

You can carry books, a magazine which will help you keep your mind occupied which will help you reduce stress. Keeping mind occupied in a better way will help in balancing your emotions. You will not feel alone, stay motivated and get better along the journey.

Source: Pre- mastectomy checklists.

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Get ready for your Mastectomy Surgery
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