Cervix is the opening of uterus. It is the lower narrow part of Female reproductive system that tops the vagina. According to WHO Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women. PAP Smear test also known as PAP test is method of screening cancer in cervix. PAP Smear tests the presence of precancerous and cancerous cells in the cervix. The PAP test also reveals the changes occuring in cervix. If PAP test result shows abnormal cell growth that doesn’t exactly mean you have cancer in cervix.In such case your doctor may ask you to perform additional tests. Continue to read to know everything about PAP smear Test.

Who perform PAP test?

Doctors do the PAP test and the screening is done either in Hospital or doctor’s clinic. It does not include any long term pain. During the test, doctor will ask you to lie down on the table with your legs open. He’ll then insert a metal or plastic tool for the test. During the procedure, doctor scraps the cells from the cervix and examine for any abnormal growth.

Who needs PAP Smear Test?

Many Doctors suggest that women who are above 21 should go for regular PAP test. Furthermore, If a woman is HIV Positive or have week immune system due to various other medical issues should definitely go for regular PAP test. Women who have history of normal regular PAP Test and are above 65 years can drop the test in future. Women of age above 31 shall ask her doctor for HPV test combined with PAP test because the risk of getting cervical cancer increases after the age of 31.

How often one should go for PAP test?

PAP Test frequency depends on the age of women and health condition. Women of the age below 21 years need not to go for PAP test. Women of age 21 or above and below 30 are advisable to go every 3 years. Whereas Women of age above 30 years and below 65 years are advisable to go every 3 years. And if the test combines with HPV it is recommended to go every 5 years. Women of age above 65 years and normal regular PAP test history can stop the test in future.

Do’s and Don’ts before PAP Test

Things to do before going for PAP test

  • Do keep calm everything would be okay.
  • Please do inform your doctor if you are menstruating
  • We suggest you to read about PAP test (atleast get an overview of how it is done

Things to not do before PAP Test

  • Don’t get panicked about the doctor inserting tool inside your Vagina
  • It will be good to not get involve in sexual intercourse a day before the test
  • Please Don’t panic about the result

Does the abnormal result means cancer?

If the test result shows abnormal cell growth your doctor may ask you to perform additional tests. The additional test may be as following:

  • Colposcopy
  • Cervical Biopsy
  • Colposcopic biopsy
  • Endocervical curettage
  • Cone Biopsy
  • LEEP

Source : https://www.nccc-online.org/hpvcervical-cancer/cervical-cancer-screening/

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Everything you need to know about PAP Smear Test
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