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To read about bile duct cancer, click here . To know about signs and symptoms of bile duct cancer, click here. In this blog you will come to know what are the different detection or tests method to find out bile-duct cancer. If by any chance you doctor suspects the cancer. He will advice you to go through the different tests. There are different types of detection method available for bile-duct cancer. Here are some of the listed methods of detection of bile-duct cancer.

Different detection methods for bile-duct cancer

1. Liver Function Test:

Doctor will take blood test to know whether the liver is functioning properly or not. This will give clues to the doctor about signs and symptoms.

2. A sample tissue test:

Also known as biopsy, in this test, doctor will find the suspected area to test. He will remove a small sample of tissue from that area. The sample will then be tested whether it contain carcinogenic cells or not.

3. Imaging Test:

CT scans and MRI tests are the types of imaging tests. In these tests, doctor finds any changes occurring in the cell of organs. These tests offer 3 D images without the need of a dye to enhance the images.

4. Endoscopy:

A thin tube equipped with tiny camera is inserted inside the gut to find out the changes in the organs. The camera is use to examine the area where your bile ducts connect to your small intestine. Your doctor may also use this procedure to inject dye into the bile ducts to help them show up better on imaging tests.