It is important to detect breast cancer early. So what are the symptoms or signs that could potentially indicate breast cancer? Here they are:

  1. Any change in the size, shape, and feel of your breast. You know what is normal for you. Be alert and note the changes. NOTE THAT: during a lifetime, women’s breast has changes at different points of time (life events) like menstrual cycles, pregnancy, pre-menopause, and post-menopause. At these times, you may feel lumps, redness or pain. This DOES NOT mean that you have cancer.
  2. Lump in the breast or underarm (armpit). Lumps can be caused by regular events (like menstruation) or other non-cancerous diseases. Typically you should be concerned if a lump is persistent across menstrual cycles. Get a clinical evaluation. You will gradually understand what are normal changes and
  3. Itchiness, Redness, Dimpling (texture like an orange peel), Scaling, Puckering (seen as a small dent) of the breast skin.
  4. Pulling in of the nipple or the nipple feeling inverted
  5. Unexpected Nipple discharge

Please Note: The signs and symptoms listed above are indications which you should discuss with your doctor. These signs do not mean that you definitely have cancer. Your doctor will clinically examine and may suggest additional diagnostic tests like a Mammogram or Breast Sonogram for a more accurate diagnosis.

Your Action

  1. Ensure regular breast self-examination.
  2. If you have any matching signs, consult your doctor.
  3. Always Prioritize your health and pay attention to any signs your body gives you.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms
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