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Ignorance of symptoms can lead to Medull...

Beating Brain Cancer

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is Nidhi Choudhary’s story of beating Medulloblastoma, which is a malignant cancerous tumour of the brain, mostly occurring in childhood.  In fact, medulloblastoma accounts for 20% of all childhood brain tumours. But you need to keep eyes on the symptoms as Constantly ignorance of symptoms can lead to Medulloblastoma . As she went through deciphering […]

Lymphoma Diagnosis Treatment Story – Par

Lymphoma cancer Diagnosis Survivor story

Reading Time: 3 minutes This post was most recently updated on November 6th, 2019Previous Part – The Diagnosis In part 1 of the story, Mrs. Sudha Srinivasan a survivor herself narrates about her Diagnosis of Lymphoma cancer and how this life-shattering incident affected her along with the family. If you missed out reading the start of this story please […]