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Challenges one has to face post ovarian ...

Challenges post ovarian surgery

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was most recently updated on November 25th, 2019Surgery gives solution to rid off from the cancer. But the challenges post ovarian surgery also comes along. The risk of getting challenges and complication is always there post ovarian surgery. Although, the risk depends on various other factors too. Habits like smoking and drinking is […]

Read about how to diagnose Ovarian Cance...


Reading Time: 2 minutes Ovarian Cancer is not a silent killer. It shows symptoms, which we have already discussed in our blog Know about ovarian Cancer. Symptoms like abdominal pain, pressure in pelvic area, bloating etc indicates you to visit your doctor. Doctor will diagnose you if you have ovarian cancer or not. If you are diagnosed with cancer, […]

How to treat Ovarian Cancer if diagnosed...

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Methods

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you want to read about What is Ovarian Cancer, Causes, symptoms, different types of Ovarian cancer and how ovarian cyst is different from ovarian cancer you can visit our previous blog on Ovarian Cancer (To read the previous blog please click here.). Now the question arise that if you have been diagnosed with Ovarian […]

Manage Your Diet – Manage Your Health

diet and nutrition

Reading Time: < 1 minute This post was most recently updated on October 9th, 2019In this fast-paced life, it is difficult to manage diet which adds to a healthy body. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev provides insights on the importance of choosing the right diet. Join the community. Inspire. Enable. Benefit.   Share a Survivor Story Read 3 foods that help prevent Breast […]

What is Ovarian Cancer: Cause, Symptoms ...

Know What is Ovarian Cancer

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post was most recently updated on September 13th, 2019To know about what is ovarian cancer it is important to know what is ovary and where it is found. Ovary is a part of female reproductive system which produce ova and important female hormones which are Progesterone and estrogen. Ovary comes in a pair which […]

Read to know Do Carrots help fight cance...


Reading Time: 3 minutes Carrots are gaining prominence as an anti-cancer food.  Many of the cancer survivors I spoke with have made daily consumption of carrot juice a part of routine.  I also found many scientific studies exploring the key compounds of carrots and their anti-cancer effects.  Here are my notes  What are the key anti-cancer compounds in Carrots […]