Friends, Anvay is an attempt to build deep assistance for families fighting breast and cervical cancer. Our objective is to maximize reach of FAIR, FRIENDLY and AUTHENTIC services, products and information for people in their fight with cancer.


In India, we have multiple treatment and healing methods available around us besides conventional allopathic medicine. These are Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy etc. Each of these methods have their pros and cons. Lifestyle elements like diet, nutrition and exercise are powerful methods which are commonly disregarded. Further due to misrepresentation and misinformation, these systems are not leveraged appropriately by people fighting cancer.

Anvay Approach

At Anvay, we believe that an INTEGRATED approach to fighting cancer can result in the best possible outcome. Integrated means, meaningfully adopting these different methods in a complementary manner.

Anvay DISCOVERS and CURATES Experts, Care Providers, Hospitals, Doctors, NGO’s across India and helps cancer fighters CONNECT with them. [See our Partners]

Our Services include Online Consultations, In-Person Consultations, Diagnostic Tests and Treatments @ Partner Hospitals, Device Rentals, Organic Products and more. [See our Services]


Anvay also provides FREE Personal Health Management Tools for all registered users. These tools include

  • Online Medical Records
  • Vital Parameter Tracking & Charts
  • Symptom Logs and Charts
  • Diet & Exercise Planners
  • Treatment & Medication Schedulers.

This data is secured in Indian Servers. Users can easily share this data with their caregivers and doctors.

How Can You Benefit

  1. Simply sign up with Anvay leverage the tools, information and connect with authentic practitioners.
  2. Subscribe to Anvay Paid Membership @ INR 500/- only and avail upto 20% cost savings for every transaction on Anvay. This includes PET-Scan, MRI, treatment at hospitals, online consultations etc.

Contact Us

For any questions, clarifications & help, feel free to reach us on

  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +91 98800 48094
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