Life is indeed a roller coaster. You never know what rock may hit you hard and be fatal or what icebergs you may pass by smoothly. This uncertainty is the beauty of this ride. Life has never been easy for any of us. Each one of us is struggling from some or the other battle- some mentally, some physically and some emotionally. One day you are having a gala time with your family enjoying sunbathing on the beach while the other day you never know you might be suffering between life and death.  I believe life is like a box full of chocolates and you never know what is in store for you.  So was the case with Mrs. Sudha Srinivasan. Read this inspirational lymphoma Diagnosis Survivor Story of Mrs. Sudha Srinivasan in her own words. Very motivational for families fighting cancer.

The unknown

Mrs. sudha Srinivasan Lymphoma cancer Survivor.
Ms. Sudha Srinivasan

I am a 56-year old,  happily married working woman, having a son. Although, I am not a great writer. But I just penned my experience if it can help people. I want people to be more aware of their body and to give health their first priority.

My cancer was totally asymptomatic but cancer is a very silent disease so knowing your body and being aware of your body is very important. Even a little change could possibly be something that’s happening. The scariest part of cancer is the unknown, but we can fight the unknown. More than anything we have to change our view that “cancer is a death sentence.”

Lymphoma Diagnosis

It was a Sunday, Valentine’s day. I was having a slight discomfort in my back and had a little vomiting.  I blamed the vomiting on my previous day’s snacks which I had at a mall and left it at that.  By afternoon the pain in the back increased which made me reach out to my family Doctor.  He prescribed some medicines which made me feel better.  I went to work the next day but by afternoon the pain cropped up again. I was having constipation. The doctor suggested sonography to rule out any gall bladder related issue.

So I went for sonography on 16th Feb 2016.  The sonography technician was unsatisfied with the results and suggested a CT scan for better clarity. She did not spell out the problem.  I have always enjoyed peak Health for all the 55 years and had an active lifestyle.  I have never been ill or taken any risks where my health was concerned. Nonetheless, this time I was unsure about the diagnosis results.

I went for a CT scan on the same day. For CT scan one is asked to drink a bottle full of colored liquid with a weird taste and then lie down on a narrow table and lay hands above your head. The table slides into the “doughnut hole.” You have to lie still when the scanning process is on. They inject a dye through an IV, and it just feels warm, as it moves through the body. I didn’t go to see the doctor with the report perhaps out of fear of having to hear some bad news. Instead, My husband collected the report and went to see my family doctor. The family doctor suggested that it could be cancer and I may have to undergo a uterus operation urgently.

The doomsday

I, my husband and my son were all dumbfounded on hearing the news as this was certainly, unexpected but my son managed to pacify us. I felt swamped because Cancer has such scary connotations. Our next step was to plan for the operation and also to visit a top oncologist for a proper line of treatment. Based on the suggestion of my company CFO, we decided to see a top oncologist, Dr. Sachin Almel, in Hinduja. With the help of my brother in law, we were lucky to get an appointment for the very next day. Next day, I, my husband and my sister in law went to see the oncologist. When we spoke to him he suggested that we repeat the test and also do some additional tests at Hinduja, so that the diagnosis was perfect. This sounded ok.

I had my Biopsy done wherein the doctor administering anesthesia. The room had quite a few people and the procedure took about 30 minutes and they took several samples. Luckily it was less scary as I thought it would be. I also went through a PET Scan after two days. A positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that allows your doctor to check for diseases in your body. The purpose of a PET scan is to identify areas of high metabolic activity. Cancer causes high metabolic activity. For the PET scan, I was in an empty stomach. We reached the hospital at around 9 am. The process is very similar to a CT scan. You need to lie quietly without moving or talking. While all the necessary images are being recorded, you just slide out of the machine.

Cancer it is!

The reports were supposed to arrive in 5 days. And finally, came the most awaited day for results. It was full of anxiousness, dread, fear and at the same time high in hopes for the diagnosis reports to be wrong.

Feb 26th, 2016, a day that will remain etched in my memory. We went to collect the report and visit the oncologist, I was shattered when he confirmed that I was suffering from Lymphoma- Cancer of the Lymphatic Glands.

The Story continues with part 2 where Mrs. Sudha talks about her new battle with cancer and the treatments she took to fight back. Follow the link given below to know more.

Continued in Part 2: The State Of Mind 

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Lymphoma Diagnosis Survivor Story – Part 1
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